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“Without a doubt BJJ will improve a judo players ne-waza. If you want to improve on the ground then I can definitely recommend to go train with Andy as he is a top coach”

Peter Blood,

Head Coach

SKK Judo Club

“An encyclopaedia of grappling knowledge taught in a way that everyone can easily understand”

Colin Heron,

Head Coach & Founder of Team Kaobon

Aspinall BJJ - Logo 2
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Andy Aspinall has encompassed many forms of grappling arts for over 25 years and has been teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) full time since January 2005.  


We are proud to offer classes for ALL levels of experience (from no experience to expert martial artists), fitness (from unfit to super fit) and age (6 years up, men and women) and encourage the whole family to come along and train in a safe and friendly environment. See our classes page for details of locations in the North West or England.


Our classes offer an easy approach to learning BJJ. All students are helpful to each other and results can be seen in a very short period of time. The skills that you are taught will be realistic for self defence and great for improving fitness levels, stamina, flexibility and well being. All professional Mixed Martial Artists (MMA) who participate in professional organisations such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will be practicing BJJ techniques as part of their training.


BJJ is arguably the fastest growing sport in the world today.  The emphasis in training is placed on perfecting the technical aspects of techniques, rather than relying on strength and brute force to overcome opponents.  Low impact training is carried out to reduce injury risk, and sparring is optional (but encouraged) in all classes.