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What do I need for my first class? What should I wear for my first class?


If you have a Judo Gi, wear that. Thinner Karate style Gi’s may not be stong enough for grappling. Otherwise shorts or jogging bottoms and a t-shirt or vest. Wear old clothes which you won’t mind getting ripped/stretched and don’t wear anything with zips/buttons etc.


What training should I do before starting BJJ? I am unfit, should I get fitter before starting BJJ? Should I lose weight before I start BJJ?


Many people start BJJ without any prior athletic experience/while being overweight/while being unfit. While having a good level of cardiovascular fitness and conditioning will undoubtedly help you train BJJ, and will help you get more out of each class (by allowing you to train harder and longer), it is not a prerequisite to training.


Participating in BJJ will increase your cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, speed and can help you lose weight. As this may suggest, however, it is hard work so be prepared to sweat!  If you are unfit, just get stuck in and train as hard as you can. If the training gets too hard ask for some time to recover before joining in again. Your fitness level will increase rapidly if you always push yourself.


What is the belt system in BJJ? What are the BJJ belt ranks?


The ranking system is as follows; white, blue, purple, brown, black. High level black belts then become black and red and, finally, solid red.  Many schools also use a stripe system, where stripes are awarded to show progress within a belt level. The system of awarding stripes varies between schools.


How long does it take to get to … belt? How long does each belt take to earn? What is required to advance? How are belt levels judged?


There is no set time to earn each belt in BJJ. Belts are awarded based on sparring ability, technical knowledge, and other considerations depending on the instructor.  Each instructor will award belts by their own judgment of each individual student. This means that the requirements in each school are different; some may have formal assessments, others may just throw your new belt at you without any prior warning.


What if I want to compete?

Brilliant! Entering BJJ competition is a great way to test your skills against other players from other clubs. All competitions are grouped by ranking & weight class so you will be competing against people of a similar size and standard. Any one training at Aspinall Jiu Jitsu will be fully supported by the team should they choose to compete. The only thing we ask is that you represent the club at any competition you take part in.


I am fighting in MMA. Can I train here?

Unfortunately Andy will only train fighters from Team Kaobon as he has a long standing relationship with both the Head Coach and the team, and is the BJJ coach at the club. By training fighters from other teams there would be a conflict of interests with 2 opposing fighters potentially being trained by the same coach which is obviously unacceptable in professional sport.


I am looking to take part in MMA, can I train here?

If you wish to study & take part in MMA then contact Team Kaobon. With a top class facility, coaches and fighters it is one of the premier MMA gyms in the UK. You can then train your BJJ with us



I'm a woman: is BJJ right for me?

BJJ is an excellent choice for women. BJJ is perfect from a female perspective as the art was designed for a smaller person to overcome a larger one, having clear applications for women's self-defence.



Is BJJ suitable for children?

BJJ is an excellent sport for children. It teaches the values of hard work, discipline & respect and is excellent for improving overall physical fitness. We currently have a number of families training with us at the club.